PTSC Dung Quat Port is a branch of PSTC Supply Base System. As a core services of PTSC, it supply base and port services are intensively focused on investing, developing, upgrading and expanding to the rapidly growing demand of exploration, production activities in Vietnam and overseas.

Recognized as a logistics heart of Vietnam’s oil and gas industry, PTSC currently manages and operates a nation-wide deep water supply base network located from the North to the South of Vietnam such as: Vung Tau City, Quang Ngai Province, Da Nang City, Quang Binh Province, Thanh Hoa Province, Hai Phong City… and other facilities such as ample storage space, warehouse and office space, jetty, means of transportation, handling heavy equipment (i.e. crawler cranes, mobile cranes, forklifts, trucks & special trailers for overweighed, oversized items, etc.) and now to our overseas clients.


Dung Quat Port – Berth No.1 was officially put into operation and used since 2002 to serve functions of loading, transporting all goods and equipment for construction of the Dung Quat Refinery – the first refinery of Vietnam.

PTSC Dung Quat Port has the following business services:

  1. Handling and transporting goods including super-weight cargo
  2. Rental equipment lifting
  3. Equipment installation service
  4. Supply and repair of ships
  5. Rent towage and rescue incident
  6. Repairing SPM and marine structures
  7. Providing diving and surveying services
  8. Shipping agent
  9. Procedures for import and export of goods
  10. Supply fuel, fresh water
  11. Supply manpower
  12. Warehouse for rent