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Oil spill response drill at Dung Quat port

(CPV)- On the morning of August 24, 2022, the Steering Committee for rehearsals for the defense and civil defense area of ​​Quang Ngai province held an oil spill response drill at Dung Quat port. Attending and directing the exercise were Lieutenant General Thai Dai Ngoc – Member of the Party Central Committee, Commander of Military Region V; Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the People’s Council of Quang Ngai Province Bui Thi Quynh Van; Lieutenant General Trinh Dinh Thach – Political Commissar of Military Region V; together with representatives of the leaders of Military Region V, leaders of the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial People’s Committee and departments of Quang Ngai province.

On the side of Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical Joint Stock Company, there were Mr. Nguyen Van Hoi – Chairman of the Board of Directors; Mr. Khuong Le Thanh – Standing Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Member of the Board of Directors; along with representatives of BSR’s Board of Directors.

Quang Ngai mobilized more than 10 units with 350 people and 15 special-purpose ships, canoes, 04 fire engines, 02 ambulances and many specialized equipment for incident response drills.

The oil spill response drill at Dung Quat port is a medium level exercise 
There was a fire and oil spill on the Truong Sa ship 
Exporting and selling port of Dung Quat refinery plant activates the water barrier system on shore ships 
The captain ordered the crew to wear life jackets to leave the ship when the fire was out of control 

According to the exercise scenario, an oil tanker with a tonnage of 6000 tons, with 12 crew members on board, 100m3 of DO oil, is traveling on the Dung Quat navigation channel moving into the area of ​​the refinery’s product port. Dung Quat to receive DO oil products. Due to a fuel leak in the pump room, a fire and oil spill occurred on the ship (there was a phenomenon that spread on the deck), the captain alerted the crew to use the means on the ship to try to fight the fire and prevent the oil spill. At this time, there are a number of active vehicles moving near the incident area.

All members of the ship tried to control and extinguish the fire but failed and there was a bigger fire, the captain immediately sent a distress signal to the surrounding boats to ask for support and report. report the incident to the Quang Ngai Maritime Port Authority to dispatch support forces and means.

After receiving the information, the Quang Ngai Port Authority sent ships to the scene to assist in regulating traffic in the area where the ship was in distress. At this time, the staff of the PTSC20 vessel on duty to respond to the oil spill of BSR Company discovered that the ship was on fire, drifting into the port area, so they reported it to the Port Operations Manager, Port Dispatch, Factory Shift Manager and the current Commander. school.

Dung Quat refinery processing port activates the Water curtain system, activates water spray from the overhead control tower to prevent port protection, ships receiving products at the port give an alarm to ready to respond to incidents,…

After receiving the information, realizing that the risk of fire and oil spill is very high, directly affecting the port of export, the Emergency Steering Committee of BSR Company decided to trigger an emergency Steering Committee meeting. of the Company and mobilize the grassroots emergency response forces according to the approved oil spill response and fire prevention plan. Actions to be taken: Urgent stop of shipment at the port of export (close emergency valve, stop the discharge process at the port of departure, siren, remove emergency lever, ready to separate oil tanker, close valve onshore route,…). Mobilize fire fighting ships and oil spill response teams ready to participate in the response. Mobilize specialized, semi-specialized, security and medical fire prevention and fighting forces of BSR Company to immediately go to the incident scene.

At this time, the fire on the ship was developing and spreading, the crew tried to fight the fire but failed, the ship’s captain reported to the Quang Ngai Maritime Port Authority and decided to let all crew members leave the ship. In the process of 8 crew members leaving the ship, 2 crewmembers jumped into the sea and clung to the raft, 6 crew members could not keep up with the raft and drifted on the sea, all crew members wore life jackets.

After the Emergency Situations Steering Committee of BSR Company met to assess and identify complex emergency situations, direct fire and explosion incidents, the risk of oil spills is very high, threatening people, property and the global environment. parts of the sea, beaches, and coastal works in Dung Quat Port area exceed the capacity of local response resources. The Company’s THKC Steering Committee reported to the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, the Quang Ngai Port Authority, the People’s Committee of Binh Son District, the Management Board of Dung Quat Economic Zone and Quang Ngai Industrial Parks and the Provincial Steering Committee for Oil Spill Response to indicate lead the response and mobilize additional response forces.

After receiving information about the incident situation, Quang Ngai province convened an emergency meeting of the Steering Committee for Oil Spill Response to develop an incident response plan and reported it to the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, Secretary of the Provincial People’s Committee. Provincial Party Committee letter for direction.

At the meeting, after the Standing Deputy Head of the Provincial Steering Committee for Oil Spill Response (UPSCTD) reported an update of incident information, the members of the Executive Committee discussed and advised the response plan, the Chairman of the Committee The provincial UPSCTD commander concluded and directed the implementation of the oil spill response organization. After 25 minutes of maneuvering to the scene, the Provincial Oil Spill Response Command Board received the flag and command of the scene from the Head of the grassroots Oil Spill Response Command.

At this time, the field commander ordered: “Currently, the fire on the ship is very large and spreading quickly, the ship is drifting in the direction of the product port, there are signs of oil spill and there is a risk of fire near the shore. To respond quickly, control and extinguish the fire and handle oil spills to ensure the safety of the area. I request the units and forces participating in the response to urgently deploy forces and means to perform the tasks according to the assigned functions according to the plan.”

Specialized ships spray water to extinguish the fire 
Fire seen from above 
Specialized ships collect oil leaking into the sea 
BSR’s specialized fire trucks participate in extinguishing fires spreading near the shore 
Rescue crew members drifting at sea 

After a short time of efforts to extinguish the fire, the functional forces gradually brought the fire under control. However, during the fire fighting process of Truong Sa ship, PTSC20 vessel discovered an estimated amount of oil spilled about 50m3 DO from the ship’s pump room flowing into the sea. Faced with that situation, the Field Commander decided to stop the fire fighting and mobilize specialized vehicles to respond to the oil spill.

During the process of collecting oil spills at sea, some oil spills drifted near PTSC port and caught fire, causing the risk of fire and explosion in coastal structures. Faced with that situation, the field commander mobilized the fire prevention and fighting force of the Provincial Police and BSR Company to extinguish the fires near PTSC port.

During the process of collecting oil spill, Cano Port Authority of Quang Ngai reported that 02 crewmembers were found drifting at sea, 02 crew members were in poor health and needed medical attention. After receiving the information, the field commander deployed to bring 02 crew members ashore for medical care.

After a time of active, urgent, close coordination of forces completed the oil spill collection, the field commander stopped the oil collection and dispatched the PTSC04 vessel to tow the ship to the safe area. whole. However, despite deploying corrugated boats and responding promptly and urgently, due to the complicated situation and the location of the incident near the shore, a large amount of oil in waves drifted to the shoreline and appeared oil scum at the shore. Port area. Realizing complex emergency situations, threatening people, property and the environment in the entire sea and beach area. UPSCTD Field Command directs the implementation of response activities according to the approved plan.

The oil spill response team of BSR Company, in collaboration with the authorities of Binh Son District People’s Committee and Dung Quat Port Border Guard Station, cleaned the shoreline, collected spilled oil for treatment. The incident of fire and oil spill on the ship was completely extinguished and the spilled oil was collected and sent for treatment, the ship was supported by tugboats and brought it to Dung Quat port anchorage safely. The incident scene has been cleared, ensuring safe traffic on the channel.

After extinguishing the fire and collecting spilled oil, the operation of Dung Quat port returned to normal 
Leaders of Quang Ngai province encourage and give gifts to BSR Company participating in the rehearsal 

Speaking at the conclusion of the exercise, Lieutenant General Thai Dai Ngoc – Member of the Party Central Committee, Commander of Military Region V assessed: The drill was successful in the context of the province’s difficult equipment and facilities. . The drill is an opportunity for the functional forces to enhance their skills and maneuverability in the face of the complicated developments of the oil spill. The rehearsal has enhanced the initiative and professionalism of the incident response force; at the same time raising awareness for all levels and sectors about oil spills; minimize economic and environmental losses when an actual incident occurs.

After the rehearsal, Military Region V and Quang Ngai province gave gifts and encouraged the units participating in the oil spill response drill at Dung Quat port.

Mr. Khuong Le Thanh – Standing Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Member of BSR’s Board of Directors: In production and business activities, the Board of Directors of the Company is always deeply aware of the role and importance of drills and incident response. to ensure that Dung Quat Oil Refinery always operates safely and stably. Through this rehearsal, BSR Company continued to review plans and plans to respond to oil spills as well as respond to other incidents at Dung Quat Oil Refinery.

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